Den Barsboldt - monuments & design

(continued: 2000 - 2003)




Monument dedicated to S. Zorig. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (bronze, granit) 11'


Millennium Monument - 1100th Aniversary of the Arrival of Hungarians to Pannonia. 

Karos, Hungary, 2001 (concrete, fireclay, mosaic) 22'



Illustrations to the book "Mongolians - the Grandsons of Chingiskhaan" by the team of authors, ed. Ivana Grollova, Triton, Prague 2001



Design for the CD cover "Kery G. Project - Forbidden Area", Yellow Records, Budapest, Hungary 2002

The "War of Air and Water" has been used for the design of a book cover of "Plays II" by Timberlake Wertenbaker, Faber & Faber, London - Boston 2002


Ikh Gürnii Tsogtsolbor - the Monument of the Great Empires

Kharkhoryn, Mongolia

A monument dedicated to the three extensive empires - of the Hunnu (3rd century BC - 2nd century AD ), Altai Turks (6 - 8th century AD) and the Mongolians (13 - 15th century). The empires all took their origin in the steppes of today´s Mongolia. Erected on a slope of the hill above the valley in which several nomadic states kept their capitals, the monument was completed during the summer and autumn 2003. The ruins of Uigur fortress of Kharabalgasun and foundations of the Turkish and then Mongolian city of Kharakorum can still be seen in the valley as well as the magnificent complex of Buddhist temples of Erdene Zuu, the spiritual capital of Mongolia since the end of the 17th century and one of a few monasteries preserved through the antireligious campaigns of the 30-ies in the 20th century.



14 m high (the wall itself 10 m high and 14 m width), 22 m in diameter, concrete, bricks, 3 colored mosaic screens, bronze, polymer materials, granite and basalt, wood and silk.
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