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(continued: 2004-2009)



Monument to Byambyn Rinchen

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tribute to Academician Rinchen, ethnographer, linguist, translator and historian...

... the "enemy of nation" within the Stalinist era, then a long time dissident from the Mongolian communist regime of the 1940-70-ies; the beloved father of my father; the man who supported me in becoming a sculptor...

Bronze sculpture of 3.80 m high, pedestal of 4.25 m high made of red quarzit stone, black marble and white granite





This project has been inspired, financed and completed by enthusiasts from the rock and beat generation of Ulaanbaatar of the 60-ies. Today's politicians, businessmen and artists - they all used to crave for precious LPs, jeans or thick-base shoes brought to Mongolia by the happier ones who could travel abroad with their diplomatic families... They used to gather on backyard staircases, trying to imitate Western idols listened to on fragile waves of the radio Luxembourg. This was, in fact, how dream of freedom or democracy came to our minds - with music and long hair beat-stars...

Inauguration of the memorial in the city centre on 10 October 2008. Present were Premier S. Bayar, one of the god-fathers of the project (very center), that time Minister and future Premier S. Batbold (second from the left) and the Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of the United Kingdom to Mongolia, Ms. T. Abbott-Watt (third from the left), who read out a letter from Paul McCartney.

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