Grandfather Bjambyn Rinchen was an academician, linguist, historian, ethnographer, writer and poet. He spoke some 16 languages, traveled around all regions of Mongolia and kept vivid relationships with foreign academic community. His name abroad might have been the reason why the Communist regime was making his life difficult but did not destroy him openly. Although the bosses had many reasons to hate him and be jealous with him - if for nothing else than for his taunting remarks on their illiterate Russian or for his strong opposition to replacing classic Mongolian script with the adapted version of cyrillics in the 1940-ies. Thinking about my granddad I, however, rather recall a story when he was walking on the Charles bridge in Prague of 1968 Czechoslovakia. A little girl emerged from the morning haze and with half surprised half curious gaze on him she asked: "Sir, are you the God ?".

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