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Born in 1958, Mongolia. A sculptor, graphic artist and designer.


Studies:                   1971-77 The Surikov School of Arts, Moscow

                                  1977-83 The Repin Academy of Fine Arts,

                                  Leningrad (St. Petersburg)

Employment:           1983-84 - Monumental Art Studios, Mongolia

                                  since 1984 - independent artist - Hungary, 

                                  the Czech Republic, Mongolia, Russia, the USA, 

                                  the People' s Republic of China

Exhibitions:            one-man shows in

                                 1985, 1989, 1996, 1997 -  Budapest

                                 1987 - Csongrád, Nyíregyháza

                                 1989 - Miskolc

                                 1990 - Veszprém

                                 1991 - Celldömölk, Mezötúr

                                 1992, 1996, 1998 - Prague

                                 1994 - Marcali

                                 1997 - Krnov

                                 1998 - Ulaanbaatar

                                 2002 - "Art New York" gallery, New York

                                 2004 - National Gallery, Ulaanbaatar


Since 1965 regularly participates in competitions and group-exhibitions

in Mongolia, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria

the Czech Republic, the USA, the PRC

Monuments and open-air sculptures:

"Portrait of Maryska Gardos" - bronze relief - Budapest, 1985

"A sculpture of Hungarian writer Gyula Ilyes" - bronze - Nyíregyháza, 1987

"Memorial to Mongolian lamas killed in the 1930s" - bronze - Budapest, 1989

"Memorial to Hungarians died in the Second World War" - bronze reliefs - Tiszanána, 1990

"Portrait of Hungarian writer Attila József" - bronze relief - Gyöngyös, 1993

"Samarian Woman" - bronze public fountain - Csorna, 1996

"The Tree of life" - terracota relief - Hevesvezekény, 1997

"Monument of world script culture" - bronze sculpture - Moscow, in process

"Monument dedicated to S. Zorig, democratic leader of Mongolia" - bronze - Ulaanbaatar, 1999

"Clock tower" - mixed technique (brick, copper, mosaic, glass, concrete) - Ulaanbaatar, 2000

"Memorial of 1100th anniversary of the arrival of the Hungarians to Pannonia" (concrete, mosaic, stone) Karos, 2001

"Busta of S. Zorig", bronze - Dashbalbar, 2003

"Ikh Guren - Monument of Great Empires", mixed technique (brick, mosaic, concrete, polymers) - Kharkhoryn, 2004

"Monument dedicated to B. Rinchen", bronze - Ulaanbaatar 2005

Memorial "The Beatles - Our Youth", bronze - Ulaanbaatar 2008

Small sculptures and drawings owned by:

Mongolian Trade and Development Bank, Mongolia

Museum of Warsaw Ghetto, Poland

Vagrius Publishing House, Russia

Premier SV Advertising Company, Russia

PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Czech Republic

ICL Budapest, Hungary

Consulate of Belgium in Bratislava, Slovakia

Honorary Consulate of Mongolia in Gothenberg, Sweden

Hotel Duo Prague, the Czech Republic

Hotel Ramada Budapest, Hungary

Ariel Sharon, that time Minister, later Prime Minister of Israel

Václav Havel, that time President of the Czech Republic

D. Enkhsaikhan, that time Prime Minister of Mongolia

Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International and 

                            Chairman of Komei Party, Japan

Keizo Obuchi, that time Prime Minister of Japan

and by other companies, private collectors and galleries in Switzerland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Israel, Hungary, Sweden, Mongolia, Russia, the Czech Republic, the United Arabian Emirates, France, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and elsewhere.

Design projects:

The Chinggis - Brewery and Beer Restaurant interior design Ulaanbaatar 1997-98

Sisi Coffee Shop interior design, Ulaanbaatar 1998

Business Club interior design, Ulaanbaatar 2000

Keri G. "Forbidden Area" (CD cover design), Budapest 2002

Timberlake Wertenbaker "Plays II" (book cover design), Faber &        Faber, London - Boston 2002

Design of the Russian Pavilion, Beijing Book-Fair (in a framework of the "Year of Russia in China 2006") - Beijing 2006

Aurag Restaurant interior design, Ulaanbaatar 2006

Design of the Pavilion of Russia - the Guest of Honor, International Book-Fair - Taipei 2007

Design of the Pavilion of Russia - the Guest of Honor, International Book-Fair - Geneva 2007

Design of the Russian Pavilion, International Book-Fair New Delhi (in a framework of the "Year of Russia in India 2008") - New Delhi 2007-2008


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